VitalCBD™ 40mg RDT

VitalCBD™ 40mg RDT

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Difficulty in swallowing is common among all age groups. Studies have shown that dysphasia is common in about 35% of the general population. We have specifically formulated our RDT tablets for immediate effects and also for people who have dysphasia or gastric reflex issues.

Because the tablets disintegrate inside the mouth, drugs may be absorbed in the buccal, pharyngeal, and gastric regions. Thus, rapid drug therapy intervention and increased bioavailability of drugs are possible. Because the pre-gastric drug absorption avoids the first-pass metabolism, the drug dose can be reduced if a significant amount of the drug is lost through the hepatic metabolism.

Buccul absorption rates of CBD science

  • Fast absorption through buccal mucosa without any loss via first pass liver metabolism
  • Targeted systemic absorption without gut microbial metabolism
  • Non-sugar formulation with pleasant flavor
  • Formulated for faster dissolution and drug dispersal in 3-6 sec in mouth
  • Fast CBD action on receptor for functional benefits
  • Customized for optimum dosage for sub-lingual absorption

Best suited for:

  • Stress relief
  • Anxiety relief
  • Increased brain and cognitive focus
  • Migrane relief
  • Inflammatory pain relief
  • Neuropathic pain relief
  • Increased attention to details